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    Welcome to American Colonial, a unique art studio, concentrating on custom work from home decor to fine art and also custom pet portraits on note cards. Starting off in floorcloths, I've expanded to painting furniture and working on signage.  Custom pet portraits are always my main request whether I'm working on floorcloths, furniture design, photography or my computer.


Each project will be your own custom design or pet portrait. Many of my ideas are based on patterns and other ideas found in historic New England homes.  


Although the repurposed furniture and floorcloths have a worn look, that is what I am going for. Although it's painted now on a canvas or a found object or repurposed furniture, I try to make the artwork look old by sanding and adding a tint to the polyurethane, so although they look old, they are sturdy, practical and made to last for generations. Canvas floorcloths are meant to be kept indoors. They clean up easily with soap and water but are never meant to get completely wet. Sweep or vacuum first then use a damp sponge or just use a damp cloth, then wipe dry with a clean soft cloth. If you notice the chairs making indents, just put felt or rubber protectors on the bottom of the chair legs.  Not only for floors, they can be custom made to cover tables and desktops and also be used as room dividers. Although American Colonial floorcloths are reminiscent of the colonial era, they can be custom designed to suit your design needs. It is easy to order your custom floorcloth online, or you can view the floorcloths that are available on the gallery page.

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