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About the Artist


    Michelle is a New England native and lives in Newburyport, MA––one of the most picturesque towns in New England. There are so many beautiful examples of historic homes on every corner. 

    A graduate of Memphis College of Art, it was in Memphis where she worked as an artisan for furniture designers while in art school. She also created murals and taught faux finishes. 

    Michelle earned her BFA in Graphic Design in 1998 and for the past 20 years has worked as a Graphic Designer and Illustrator. 

About the Process


    There are several stages to each floorcloth, from design, to canvas preparation, to the distressing process that makes it look old. No stencils are used, so each floorcloth is unique.  When completed, there are at least 7 layers of paint and varnish on each floorcloth.
   Although not meant for outdoor use or to get wet, they are made to last for years and clean up easily with a damp cloth.

    Custom designs at American Colonial are not limited to the early colonial style of design. Floorcloths can be designed to match any style that would accent your homes' interior.

No stencils are used, so each piece is its own work of art, based on patterns found in historic New England homes. Although they have a worn look, they are sturdy, practical and made to last for generations.


Canvas floorcloths are meant to be kept indoors. They clean up easily with soap and water but are not meant to get wet.  Not only for floors, they can be custom made to cover tables and desktops and also be used as room dividers.


Although American Colonial floorcloths are reminiscent of the colonial era, they can be custom designed to suit your design needs. It is easy to order your custom floorcloth online, or you can view the floorcloths that are available on the gallery page.

How to Order



    If you would like to order a custom floorcloth, or need more information about a floorcloth, please contact Michelle via email or phone. We can discuss color, size and style requirements. Save color swatches, fabric remnants, or any other design ideas you can collect.


There is a $100.00 non-refundable design fee. You will receive a color sketch of the design in the mail.    

   We charge a 1/2 upfront deposit on custom orders, with the remaining 1/2 due at time of shipment. Shipping usually takes one week. We can create any size up to 5 foot X 7 foot. Pricing varies from 25.00-45.00 per square foot, depending on how intricate the design is.

    You can also check the gallery page periodically to see what's available.

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