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Antique Interpretation Floorcloths Updated for Today’s Lifestyles


    When the early settlers first arrived in New England, they had to build their homes as quickly as possible to protect themselves from the harsh elements. The homes were often built with no floor boards. Any ship sails that were torn were often recycled and used as floorcloths. This not only kept their homes warmer, but it helped keep the dust levels down.

    Although the painted floorcloth originated in Britain in the early 18th century, wealthy families would import their decorative floorcloths to be used under dining room tables and in entry ways.  Around the time of the Revolutionary War, the floorcloth became popular in America. Floorcloths became a new art form found in most American homes until the advent of linoleum around 1860.

    Today, painted canvas floorcloths are making a comeback. With the restoration of vintage homes, homeowners are seeking out the authentic style of this bygone era. Here at American Colonial, we strive to recreate the patterns based on 17th and 18th century design elements. The floorcloths are not only decorative, but also a durable floor protector. They can also be custom made to cover tables and desktops, and are a unique and decorative way to protect your valuable antiques.  

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